How Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Lose Weight?

People’s are trying different ways to achieve the weight loss results. The ways are exercises, diets and supplements.

Despite from the fat burning properties of fruits, vegetables and spices, I want to share a fat loss activity of apple cider vinegar.


Find A Weight Loss Ingredient In Your Kitchen:

You can easily find the Apple cider vinegar in your kitchen cabinets, without going to any store for purchasing.


Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar:

The use of apple cider vinegar is from the ancient time due to several health benefits.

The malic acid in ACV work as to clear blocked or clogged arteries, organ tissues and lymph nodes. It is also a home remedy for treatment of insomnia, reduce heart burning, increase energy, regulate digestion process and boost immunity.


ACV has also the benefits for the skin as it removes or eliminates the wart, acne, skin blemishes and other skin issues including skin discolorations. 

The Research Supports The Fat Burning Activity Of Apple Cider Vinegar:

According to the research that is published in journal  “The Biosience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry” in 2009 related to activity of apple cider vinegar in weight loss. The study was conducted on 144 Japanese that are suffering from obesity and the results shows a gradually decline in the weight of the body, belly fat, triglycerides and fat around the waist in a duration of three months.


How Apple Cider Vinegars Helps You In Weight Loss:

  • Increase Fat Burning:

Many studies show that the use of apple cider vinegar can increase the fat burning process and reduce an accumulation of fat.

  • Speed Up The Metabolism:

Apple cider vinegar increases the metabolic  process that directly supports weight to drop down.

  • Appetite suppressant:

Apple cider vinegar makes you feel full by suppressing your appetite and hunger pangs.

  • Stimulates A Detoxification Process:

 The compounds in Apple cider vinegar helps the body to remove out the all toxic materials from the body and fiber content works to relieve in constipation.

  • Regulate Blood Sugar And Insulin Level In The Body:

Apple cider vinegar maintains the sugar level and the amount of insulin in your body. Increase the level of an insulin can lead to the increase production of fat.

  • Loaded With Probiotics:

The Probiotics in ACV are responsible for healthy gut. The healthy gut means a strong immune system. The healthy gut is working as to reduce an inflammation, prevents the toxins to stored in a fat and risk the chances of an obese.

How To Make:

  • Add one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.
  • Mix the solution properly.
  • Add into your routine for 1 to 2 times before a meal.

You can add  Apple cider vinegar into your cooking and combined fruits to ACV drink.


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To maximize its results, combine your routine with some exercises.

Before following any weight loss drink, it is recommended you to take your doctor’s advice because effects can worst in those who have any complications and may be allergic to some ingredients.